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Touch Screen EMI/ESD Protection

Touch screen technologies have revolutionized mobile device interfaces and user experiences. Yet as devices grow smaller and thinner, PCB real estate is at a premium and layouts and designs ...

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How to Apply High Frequency DC to DC Converters in Portable Designs

Smartphone designs powered by Li-Ion batteries require complex power management, and additional single output converters are often needed to supply additional phone features (MP3 players, di...

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Optical Sensors in Smart Mobile Devices

Smart mobile handheld platforms integrate an ever-increasing spectrum of functions, from multiple communication standards to a wide array of user interface features and sophisticated power m...

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No more “Unreliable” Fuel Gauge! ON Semiconductor presents the industry’s leading Fuel Gauge IC

Watch this video and meet a battery fuel gauge solution that offers highly accurate, efficient measurement and extends battery life for a wide variety of devices, including wireless handsets...

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Eliminating the Tradeoff between Protection and Signal Integrity

Two important trends are leading to fundamental changes in ESD protection strategies: increased susceptibility to ESD as ICs grow denser, and increasingly stringent signal integrity require...

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Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics

This technical note discusses the use of brightness control for LCD screens to conserve energy and and deliver an appropriate amount of screen brightness for users. Such adjustments can be m...

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Video: Wireless Charging Technology Overview

Watch this webcast to learn about the vision of ubiquitous wireless charging for mobile phones, tablets, computer peripherals, and battery-powered tools and appliances. The webcast also disc...

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EMI and ESD Filtering of Audio Interconnects

For device designers, adding more features into personal electronic devices such as cell phones demands components with more integrated functions to reduce part counts and save board space. ...

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Ultra Low Power Integrated Audio Processors for Portable Devices Extends 70 % Longer Playback Time

The need to reduce the size and power requirements in portable devices, particularly those that include voice recording and audio playback, create tough demands for component manufacturers. ...

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Tutorial Videos

ON Semiconductor - Fairchild Acquisition

Watch the video to learn about the benefits of Fairchild plus ON Semiconductor

Wireless Charging Technology Overview

This webcast provides overview of Wireless Charging Technology including past, current, an...

The industry’s Leading Battery Fuel Gauge IC Solution for Wearable & Portable Applications

ON Semiconductor’s industry leading Fuel Gauge IC solutions are geared taking the worry ou...

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